As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, former teacher, parent coach and mother I offer a broad, holistic perspective and approach.  I have a passion for working with women and helping them get in touch with their power, passion, creativity and inner strength. Your best self is already there, let me help illuminate all your strengths. I have special expertise in  helping parents, families and couples find peace and balance, whether together or separated create a more loving and peaceful way of being in relationship with one another. Using compassion and mindfulness techniques, I focus on present oriented therapy so that I can help you with what’s happening in your life right now. Learn how to listen to yourself, and use this inner wisdom to create the life and way of being in your life that you have always wanted. Feel more at peace and nurture the relationships most important to you. You deserve to treat yourself. Take the time to slow down, and uncover what you already know.